Broadband Troubleshooter

If your broadband connection is intermittent and keeps connecting and then disconnecting, try the following simple steps:


1. Shut down your computer.

2. Switch your router off at the mains.

3. Leave it switched off for one minute.

4. Switch your router back on and wait for all status lights to come back on.

5. Switch your computer back on again and try connecting to the internet.


Still having problems?


If you have no broadband or your connection is still dropping, go through the checklist below:


Have you recently installed a new program such as antivirus software?


Check to see if your firewall rules have changed and that your computer is allowed to communicate with the internet. Some computers may require a restart after installing new programs and this could solve the connection problem


Have you recently changed your wireless password?


Make sure that the new password has been entered into the connection details for any wireless devices so that they can communicate with your router.


 Has there been a problem with your last bill payment?


Missed payments can result in a suspension of service. Please contact our Accounts Team to rectify this. If your suspension has been lifted it can take up to 24hrs for the service to be reactivated. Please contact our Faults Team if normal service does not resume after this period of time.


Check your computer network settings.


If connecting to a domain or private network please ensure that your login details are correct. You may also need to check the IP settings on your computer to ensure that the computer is communicating with the router properly.


Check that there is nothing in your home set up that could be interfering with your wireless signal.


Anything with an electric motor or that requires a large amount of power to operate can cause interference with wireless signals. Move your router/mobile device away from any such sources to see if the connection is restored.


Try connecting to the internet via a wired connection using the Ethernet cable that came with your router.


Plug one end of the cable into your router and then into the network card on your computer to check that the router is communicating with the internet.


Still experiencing problems? Please contact our Customer Services Team on 0330 024 0180.


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