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SIP Trunking – What Is It?


SIP Trunking is a Voice over Internet Protocol which allows Communications companies to deliver telephony based services to customers via an internet connection


How do they benefit Businesses?


SIP Trunks are far more cost effective per channel than traditional ISDN lines (savings up to 60%) and also have cheaper pence per minute rates for calls. this allows greater cost control and consolidation of services.


SIP Trunks also allow greater control over your numbers, as the IP Exchange over which they run isn’t geographically restricted in the same way as normal lines. A business in Aberdeen can advertise and utilise telephone numbers from Wigan for example, giving greater presence and geographical reach.


Route calls over business broadband rather than over ISDN to reduce your costs.  SIP is an important asset for small to medium sized businesses, offering an alternative to traditional line rental, with guaranteed quality, easy set-up and flexible packages.


    • Low cost alternative to ISDN


    • Use your existing phone system*


    • Any number, anywhere


    • If you move, so does your number


    • Cheap DDI ranges


*additional hardware may be required.


Cloud Telephony – What is it and how do businesses benefit?


Historically companies who require additional functionality have had to purchase a telephone system. These systems normally require a sizable capital expenditure and also require the business purchase a solution that is not only fit for purpose now, but can scale to meet future requirements.


With the fast paced nature of the IT industry, a telephone system purchased today will be lacking features of later releases, with any upgrades or add ons requiring additional modules or licenses at further expense.


With advances in cloud computing and VoIP technologies, businesses can now access telephone systems hosted remotely in “The Cloud”. Access to these remote systems is delivered via an internet connection. This allows businesses to “rent” the functionality they require for a monthly charge per user. This removes the need for businesses to fund expensive purchases of systems, allowing capital to be used elsewhere within the business.


These systems are also constantly evolving allowing businesses access to new features and updates when they are released, typically without any changes to their setup.


The “Cost per Extension” model that these solutions allow also means that businesses are able to scale their telephony setup depending on their needs at that exact moment in time. This avoids the need to buy and pay for capacity on a system that may not be required for months or years to come, allowing the business to pay for what’s used, rather than what may needed.


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